Hi-Teck Automation

HMI overview

Kinco HMI is the leader in HMI field, we have the leading market position in domestic, it is highly praised in the industry because of its complete product ranges,stable and reliable hardware,user-friendly configuration software and high cost performance.

In order to achieve the goal of company global brand strategy unified, the band “eView” of HMI owned by KINCO will switch to the brand “KINCO”. It is just change the brand logo, the products are the same, the service is not changed .This brand switching will gradually implement since November 1, 2010 in China market. The Kinco HMI products series include:

MT4000 : Middle-End HMIs Apply to Mainstream Applications

  • 65536 True color TFT LCD supports the import multiple windows image formats, such as BMP, JPG, GIF and supports all fonts of windows platform.
  • 32-bit, 400MHz RISC CPU.
  • 8M FLASH ROM + 16M SDRAM, Larger storage space and 256 KB recipe memories could record data Easily.
  • 3 COM ports support simultaneous communications with controllers of 3 different protocols, supports RS232/RS422/RS485 mode
  • 1 USB SLAVE port available for download and one DB15/DB25 port for printing.
  • Compatible with major PLCs and controllers
  • Powerful configuration software supports macro commands and provide rich drawing library.

MT5000 : Fieldbus-Capable HMIs for High-End Applications

  • Higher performance and efficiency because of 520MHz powerful XScale 32-bit RISC processor.
  • Dual USB host ports compatible with peripherals like mouse, keyboard, printer and USB disk.
  • Standard SD card slot onboard and USB host port can be used for uploading/downloading application And recipes data from/to panel and also historical data can be stored in the card.
  • 3.5 mm audio port available for speaker and some model supports two channel video input interface.
  • RJ45 Ethernet interface and Optional CANopen interface, Profibus and MPI interface available.

MT6000 series Open HMI

  • XScale PXA270 32-bit RISC CPU
  • WinCE 5.0 OS and open architecture give customers free to develop versatile applications.
  • PLC-HMI all in one solution with CoDeSys.
  • SDK and tools available for proprietary application development.
  • Serial ports, USB Host/Client ports. Ethernet and CANopen interfaces available.
  • Flexible Expansion board.

HMI Text Display

MD200 and MD300 : Low-End Economy HMIs

Main features:

  • 4.3 inch, monochrome
  • User-friendly, economical and practical
  • Support multiple communication protocols