Hi-Teck Automation

Servo system

Combining the knowledge of Chinese and German engineers, Kinco servo and stepper drive products inherit the typical German symbols: high quality, high reliability and stability.

Servo System comprises CD series, JD series, FD Series, and ED series.

CD series servo system

100W ~ 2KW (1Ø/3Ø ,220V)

  • Built In Position Mode, Velocity mode, Torque mode and Internal position mode.
  • CD drives have fast response frequency, high accuracy and high overload capacity because of advance Controlling algorithm inside.
  • Very easy to control 7 Digital Inputs and 4 Digital outputs.
  • Parameter can be programmed by manually and PC based software.
  • Built In RS-232/RS-485.
  • CD drives can be used for the application of Circular interpolation, Cut to length, Machine tools etc.

JD series servo system

  • KINCO JD series servo drives supports CANopen, RS-232 and RS-485 Communication Mode.
  • JD drives supports various control signal – P/D, CW/CCW and AB Phase.
  • It also Supports Incremental and Absolute encoders with SSI, BISS and ENDAT protocols.
  • Enhanced Safety with Safe Torque off (STO) makes servo system more secure and humanized.

FD series servo system

  • FD Series drives have same features as JD series servo system but it comes with CANopen.

ED series servo system

  • Kinco ED series have flexible programming.
  • ED servo drives support field bus communication.
  • ED servos are suitable for multi axis solution and single axis controller less applications.